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Policy Details: 

The policy is a benefit policy WHICH PAYS FOR THE Death, disablement and weekly benefits.PA is a worldwide cover available 24X7. The benefits under the policy can be assigned.

Benefit Number



Benefits covered


Death only …. 100%




Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one limb and one eye 100%


Loss of one limb or one eye … 50%


Permanent Total Disablement from injuries other than those named above (PTD … 100%


1 to 4


Permanent Partial Disablement


1 to 5


Temporary Total Disablement at 1% of CSI upto 104 weeks (Max. weekly benefits not to exceed Rs. 5,000/-)


1 to 6



Who can take the Policy?


Person within age group of 5 to 70 years.


Persons above 70 years upto 75 years with a loading of 10% on premium.

Above 75 years upto 80 years with a loading of 20% on premium, cover should be restricted to Table 1 only


Additional Features:

Group policies:

may be issued covering more than one person.

No discounts to be offered for Group Consisting of less than 101 members.


Cumulative Bonus :

Benefits under item (1) to (4) will earn cumulative bonus @ 5% per year but not exceeding 50% of the Capital Sum Insured.


Family Discount :

If the insured opts to cover his/her husband/wife/dependent children/dependent parents under the policy, 5% discount is allowed on the total premium.


Additional Benefits :

Expenses incurred for carriage of dead body of insured (death due to accident only) to place of residence subject to a maximum of 2% of capital sum insured or Rs. 1,000/- , whichever is lower.

Medical expenses arising out of an accident upto 10% of Capital Sum Insured or 40% of the admissible claim whichever is lower at an additional premium of 20% of basic premium.

Education Fund: Education fund for the dependent children of the insured following death or permanent total disablement as detailed below :

If the insured has one dependent child below the age of 23 years, an amount equal to 10% of the Capital Sum Insured subject to a maximum of Rs.5,000/-

If the insured has more than one dependent child below the age of 23 years, an amount equal to 10% of Capital Sum Insured subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/-.

The policy will pay for Death and disability of the person.

Suicide ,Insanity, Pregnancy,War, War like situation , Armed forces, any work related to Aviation.

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